Our Yogurt

Red Caboose Frozen Yogurt contains live and active cultures and carries the seal of approval from The National Yogurt Association.

Our frozen yogurt is self-serve and is packed with natural goodness, such as calcium and protein, which helps support a healthy immune system. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste for a healthy sweet treat! Red Caboose Frozen Yogurt is healthy, and the majority of the flavors we offer are fat-free and gluten-free. Our Frozen Yogurts do NOT contain high fructose corn syrup. All of our sorbets are vegetarian and dairy-free! Fresh fruit is cut daily and we have over 35 dry and cold bar toppings, which leaves you craving more. Its that good. We promise.


Our Flavors

Here’s a list of our current flavors! We rotate flavors weekly and there’s always a flavor for you. Lactose-Intolerant? We always offer two delicious sorbets. Watching your sugar intake? You’ll find the NSA (no sugar added) option right for you. And of course, who can say no to the classic
Chocolate and Vanilla.

Watermelon Sorbet
Pomegranate Raspberry Sorbet
Coffee NSA
Peanut Butter
Red Velvet

Be sure to top those off with any combination of our 35 available toppings including seasonal fresh fruits, candies, chocolates, cereals, nuts, and more! You can make the treat that is uniquely you.

Topping Canisters